Talers 1.0 - End of beta

Talers 1.0 - End of beta

Talers 1.0 is available 🎉

This is it. After more than a year of design, development, thinking about the financial model, and fixing bugs, the official version of Talers is here!

We hope you enjoy the software as it exists today, and that you will continue to love it as it evolves. We want to push the boundaries of what makes a good writing application, one that you want to use and feel good about.

This involves big ideas, but also small details. The details take a lot of time and often go unnoticed; but they are what make the difference.

What's new in version 1.0?

You can now export your project to PDF. A number of options are available to customize your PDF file. We will add new ones in the next versions, like footnotes.

Your custom styles will appear in the generated PDF.

We've also applied a set of graphical improvements throughout the software 💅

  • the spacing between text titles is slightly larger,

  • when a text file is opened, the scroll bar is displayed correctly for all browsers (it could be truncated at the top and bottom),

  • after the dashboard, it was the turn of the overview to go through a makeover. More elegant and ergonomic, it also displays the statistics of your project.

Finally, the interface language selection bug has been fixed. For the moment, Talers offers an interface in English and French. It was possible to change the interface language in the account options, but this could be ignored.

Retrospective since the beta

Since the official release of the beta, on November 22, 2022, the project has grown a lot! A quick tour of the progress over the past six months:

📊 Improved dashboard: Your dashboard has a new user-friendly look. Track your progress with statistics, and soon be ready to set goals and challenge yourself to reach new milestones.

📝 Word and Character Count: Easily track your progress with our new word and character count feature, now displayed at the bottom of the text editor. Watch your masterpiece grow as you write!

💬 Instant Translation: reach a global audience effortlessly. Our seamless integration with DeepL allows you to translate your files into multiple languages with a single click. Break down language barriers and captivate readers around the world.

✨ Custom styles: make your writing truly unique! Customize your text formatting with our new custom styles feature. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors and layouts to create a layout that reflects your style.

🌙 Dark Mode: Dive into your nightly writing sessions with ease. Embrace the elegant dark mode for a visually pleasing and eye-friendly experience. Unleash your creativity during your nighttime writing sessions.

🔍 Improved Spell Check: We launched and then upgraded our spell check servers for a simpler than ever correction step.

🤖 Rephrasing: Rephrasing is Talers' first step into AI. Never get stuck on a sentence, ask your servant for other sentence alternatives, he will be happy to answer you.

📚 Thesaurus: Quickly browse through synonyms in a few clicks until you find the one you need - or just for the fun of discovering new words!

End of the free version

Until now, Talers was completely free to use. With the official release, some features will be disabled after writing or generating 30,000 characters or more. You can find more information on our pricing page.

Plans for the future

Version 1.1 will focus on the following:

  • Stability. Improve the stability of existing features. Allow the proofreader to handle very long texts by splitting the text into parts sent separately.

  • Ergonomics. Make Talers fully keyboard navigable. Improve the floating menu system to manage text style and switch to something simpler.

  • Collaboration. Give the possibility to share a project and work on it with others. This is one of the features we are looking forward to the most!

And many other surprises!

Happy writing

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