Release notes - June 14, 2023

Release notes - June 14, 2023

This time, we're bringing you two new tools to help you organize your projects: Quick Search and the Media Library.

As mentioned when we announced the official release, it's the little details that make the difference between a functional writing tool, and an app you love to use. So we've made a whole series of ergonomic improvements 😌

Finally, we've implemented a dialog box to let you quickly create links between your documents. Perfect for note-taking, world-building, or even creating interactive stories!

Save time with Quick search

Is your project getting bigger, and you're wasting time jumping from document to document? Quick search, available in the project menu, lets you type the name of the document you're looking for to find it easily. Just press "Enter" and you're done.

For those who work faster than the speed of lightning, you can open the quick search with the shortcut CTRL + K on Windows or Linux, or CMD + K on macOS.

Reuse your images and videos

Until now, it was impossible to reuse an image in your project without importing it each time. The media library not only allows you to organize and view all the media you use in your project, but also to reuse a previously downloaded image or video.

How to create links (between documents)

Although it was already theoretically possible to create links between your documents, it was a laborious task worthy of the labors of Hercules. When you create or modify a link, you can now easily search and select documents in your project.

It's a small feature that opens up a wide range of possibilities: writing documentation, creating a wiki, nesting your various notes, developing an interactive scenario, and so on.

Zen writing

Zen mode is a simpler alternative to focus mode. It activates automatically when you start writing. Certain parts of the interface (project header, character counter, focus mode button) fade away, leaving you alone with your text.

No more excuses for being distracted!

Ever greater comfort

We want Talers to be a pleasure to use. Your writing tool should be your best ally, not a hindrance. We have made a series of ergonomic improvements:

  • the white margin that used to appear on the right-hand side for small screens when you first enter the site has been removed;

  • notification messages can now be deleted manually, and their disappearing animation has been improved;

  • the dialog box that appears when you select an error detected by the proofreader is no longer displayed when the text selection menu is also visible (this simultaneously created two floating elements);

  • the same dialog box no longer overflows to the sides, even on very small screens;

  • the tooltip (small floating message of an informative nature) that appears when hovering over the graph of your writing statistics can no longer extend beyond the screen borders either;

  • the appearance and disappearance of tooltips is now more natural;

  • deleting a project no longer reduces the calculation of the total number of words written with Talers;

  • entering the login code could cause the scroll bar to scroll unexpectedly;

  • dragging and dropping documents into a folder no longer deletes the title of the document that has been moved;

  • in many places in the software, it is now possible to press" Enter" to validate a form directly.

What's next?

We've got plenty more surprises in store!

We'll be redesigning the blog and working with new editors to bring you fresh, professional content. From writing tips to news and reading recommendations, you're going to love the new blog.

The collaboration will be available between July and August. You'll be able to share your texts in four different modes:

  • Reading mode, to share your work with your community;

  • comment mode, which also gives your readers the chance to give their impressions;

  • correction mode, so that your favorite beta readers can quickly make suggestions for improvement;

  • and last but not least, the writing mode for collaborative writing with several people at the same time.

Can't wait? So are we 😉

Enjoy writing ✨

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