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The number of projects you can create
Unlimited Unlimited
Share your texts with other people in read or write mode
In progress In progress
Device synchronization
Synchronize your texts between your desktop, tablet and mobile
Advanced statistics
Get detailed statistics about your texts like average sentence lengths, readability score, writing frequency, ...
Objectives & rewards
Setup objectives and rewards to boost your writing
Distraction-free mode
Optimized display for productivity and concentration
Basic correction
Detect spelling mistakes
Advanced correction*
Detect spelling, grammar and style mistakes, and suggest corrections
Embedded dictionaries*
Browse dictionaries of synonyms and rimes from within the application
Rephrase sentences*
Rephrase sentences or paragraphs
Translate documents*
Translate your documents in 29 different languages
Generate content*
Generate content from a prompt with a GPT-based AI
In progress
*You can try this pro feature in free mode. When you exceed 30 000 characters in all your projects, the pro feature is disabled.
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