Release notes - July 2023

Release notes - July 2023

Hello artists ✍️

We're back with a number of software enhancements that have been arriving little by little over the past month. It's time to take a look at the new features we've put together for you. On the menu: the ability to add cover images to your documents, a major update to the proofreader, and a new display for your folders.

A corrector boosted by hormones

As you may have noticed, Talers' advanced proofreader has been in the gym for the past month, and is back better than ever. So what's changed?

Talers is much better at handling very large texts. Whether for English, Spanish or the other languages supported by Talers, the proofreader is now able to digest very large texts. Previously, every time a change was made, the entire text was corrected. We've optimized all this, to the delight of your next paving stone.

Correction rules are now deactivated and words added to the dictionary are now available in the options, in the "Corrector" tab. If you make a mistake, don't panic: you can now delete rules that have been deactivated by mistake.

Your projects, your images

For a few days now, you can further personalize your project by assigning cover photos to your documents.

Simply press the button to the right of the document title. You can choose an image from your media library or upload a new one. An opportunity to redecorate the bedroom?

A new way of looking at things

Writing also means organizing. And there's no better way to get organized than with folders. With folders, you can separate your notes from your writing.

In addition to the "grid" view, folders now feature a new view: the table view. This more synthetic view is perfect for folders that contain a lot of items.

New word counter

Knowing the number of characters in your project is great, but knowing the number of words is even better.

In your projects, you can now display one of three statistics:

  • Number of characters typed (default option): this is the number of characters you have written yourself, with your little fingers, on Talers. Copy and paste doesn't count!

  • Number of words: this is the evolution of the total number of words in your project - copy-paste and other sources included.

  • Number of characters: this is the evolution of the total number of characters in your project - copy-paste and other sources included.

Another handy little feature: when you select text, the number of characters and words in the selected part is displayed at the bottom of your document.

Resolved bugs

The following bugs have been resolved:

  • Talers' default font was not taken into account when exporting to PDF;

  • PDF export was not working for very large projects;

  • the last open date of projects is now correct;

  • when a document was moved to a folder, its title could be deleted;

  • left panel scroll now works correctly on phone;

  • word and character count display now works correctly on phone;

  • it was impossible to add external links to a project containing a single document.

What's next?

We're now going to concentrate on real-time collaboration, project sharing and document sharing.

It's a big one, and we can't wait to present it all to you.

Happy writing ✨

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Matthieu Gindre

Passionate about writing and new technologies, I founded Talers to bring authors, screenwriters, students and all kinds of writers around the world a professional writing solution that's a daily pleasure to use.

I personally challenged myself to write my first novel with Talers!

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