Release Notes - Dashboard overhaul

Release Notes - Dashboard overhaul

The new dashboard has arrived!

Better organized, more personalized, it will allow you to quickly get back to your current project, read the latest blog post, and have a quick overview of your activity on your different projects.

New statistics

To measure your activity on Talers, we are taking into account a new statistic: the number of characters you type manually. Copy and paste or text generation are not taken into account.

The application did not record this data until now, so the calculation of your activity only takes into account the characters typed from May 3, 2023.

Later, this new statistic will allow you to set your own writing goals 🎯

Some of you may have noticed that the number of files and characters in your projects sometimes became inaccurate over time. This happened especially when you deleted folders that contained text: the total character count was not updated correctly. We have fixed all these problems, now your statistics are guaranteed to be consistent and accurate!

A solid correction server

Until last week, the correction server was quite fragile. Sometimes it crashed, and when this happened, it was not able to restart. It had to be manually redeployed each time.

Advanced patching is one of the most important things about Talers, so fixing the server was a priority. We migrated our server to a new, more robust and flexible architecture: in case of a crash, another of the correction servers will take over until the application has finished restarting by itself.

This means that as of today, the correction is and will remain highly available on Talers.

What's next?

Now that the redesign of the dashboard is finished, we'll tackle the redesign of the project overview and the PDF export of your texts.

Then, we will manage the subscription system for the official release 🐥

Happy writing

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