Release Notes - April 19, 2023

Release Notes - April 19, 2023

Hello everyone! 😃

This month, we're bringing out a brand new feature that many of you have been looking forward to: custom styles.

Until now, Talers imposed the use of its default theme. It was impossible to change fonts, control line spacing, or indent paragraphs.

Today, all this is possible, and much more! You can create your own styles and save them in themes that can be reused between your different projects.

The freedom to create the best (or worst...) designs is yours:

How does it work?

Unlike traditional writing software, Talers does not offer to apply "wild styles", i.e. styles applied manually to a particular place in the text.

Instead, we have developed a flexible system that requires you to define the rules that make up a style before you can use it. It is then possible to reuse the same style in other places in the text with a few clicks. This ensures a consistent design throughout your project: no more risk of having a margin a little too large in one place or a paragraph badly indented in the middle of others!

It is possible to save your styles in a theme to share them between your projects.

What properties can I change?

You can change the following properties:

  • the font,

  • the font size,

  • bold / italic / underlined / highlighted,

  • the text color,

  • the background color of the text,

  • textalignment,

  • indentation of the first line,

  • the space before, after, to the left and to the right of a text block,

  • as well as all the properties to create a custom border: border size, color, radius, and space between the text and the border.

Over time we will add more editable properties, such as shadow effects.

Other updates

We have also made the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • the menu for quickly switching projects now works correctly,

  • when the left panel is in floating mode, opening a new document automatically closes the panel,

  • we improved the design of our tooltips and added them in many places in the application,

  • videos embedded in a text no longer launch automatically.

Problems with the correction server

As you may have noticed, we are experiencing problems with our correction server, which is regularly down.

We are in contact with our server host to find a more robust and scalable solution that will work without interruption all over the world. Setting up this new server is now our priority.

What's next?

Now that you can create uniquely designed documents, we will offer you the possibility to export them as PDFs.

We will also make some ergonomic changes to the text editor and your dashboard.

Finally, we will improve your statistics and add graphs to track your progress on the application.

Release of the beta

The beta release, originally scheduled for April 24, 2023, has been pushed back to May 15, 2023. This will allow us to tie up some important loose ends before making the application official.

Once the beta is over, a number of features (advanced proofreading, thesaurus, document translation, rephrasing) will be disabled for users who have exceeded 30,000 characters in all their projects.

To continue using these features, users will need to purchase a subscription. The price of the subscription, initially planned at 10€ per month for an annual subscription, will evolve as follows:

  • it will be $5 per month (the first year) for all users registered before May 15, 2023,

  • it will be $9 per month (the first year) for all users registered before November 15, 2023,

  • from November 15, 2023, the subscription price will increase to $12 per month.

The month-to-month subscription will be $14 per month before November 15, 2023, and $16 per month afterwards.

The free version will still be usable, as we want to offer to all writers around the world - regardless of their standard of living - a quality product to support them in their projects.

Happy writing ✨

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