Release Notes - March 13, 2023

Release Notes - March 13, 2023

Here we are already in March and winter is living its last days, but on our side we didn't hibernate.

On the agenda of this update: an improved blog, the arrival of the dark mode and the much awaited thesaurus 🙌

The blog

The blog was previously only accessible from the app and had only one article. It will contain release notes (like the one you are reading right now), as well as special announcements or tutorials. We will enrich it little by little.

Account options

It is now possible to change the account information: name, username, email, phone number, interface language and the default text language.

It is possible to assign a different language to each of your texts. This allows you to use our advanced proofreader for your English as well as your French texts (or one of the twenty other languages supported by our proofreader).

Until now, the language detection was done automatically. The problem was that the detection could fail for small texts, and generate many "mistakes" that disappeared once the correct language was detected.

New texts are now automatically assigned to your main language. It is possible to change this default language in your account options.

The dark mode

Lovers of the dark and allergic to light, rejoice: the dark mode has made its way to the application!

Perfect for working late at night, to make insomnia worthwhile, or simply for the pleasure of a different aesthetic.

The option is available in "Appearance".


When you select text, you can now highlight it. That’s ideal to emphasize specific elements.


The thesaurus is available for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabic. Other languages will be supported as we expand our database.

It is accessible from the right panel, under the "Dictionary" tab. You can manually enter a word and press enter to start the search, or double-click on a word in the text.

Clicking on one of the proposed synonyms or antonyms will launch a new search with that word. This allows you to "browse" between synonyms, until you find the word you are looking for 😉

We will enrich our dictionary with definitions and then rhymes.

What's next?

We've started working on custom styles and PDF export.

Custom styles will allow you to update the default styles... or to create new ones. Color, borders, font, line spacing, the only limit will be your imagination!

Enjoy writing ✨

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