Looking back to 2022

Looking back to 2022

Talers was born in 2022, and it has been an eventful year. A new year is coming, it's time to take stock with you on this ambitious adventure 😉

End of February 2022

Start of the project. Search for startup support organizations. Lots of brainstorming. What should the best writing software look like?


The project is accepted at 1kubator, a startup incubator.

A 1-month testing period starts, during which user interviews should be conducted to check the viability of the project and its market.

Start of minimalist draft design and proof of concept.


Feedback from interviews is positive. Many authors work with a good deal of different software to fill the gaps.

1kubator becomes Talers' partner. In exchange, they invest €12,500 in the project and offer office space and their network of professionals for a year.


The drafts are ready! At the time, Talers looked like this 👇

Designer Nicholas Codet takes the sketches and works on real models.


The mock-ups are ready 🤩

Begins an intensive development phase until the public beta version announced in October.

In parallel, three growth hackers from Rocket School join Talers for 3 weeks. Their challenge: to make the project known.

Result: more than a hundred people have pre-registered for the Talers beta!


The amount of development being more important than expected, the initial date of the beta is postponed by one month, to November 22nd.

Erwan Salomon, one of the three growth hackers who had participated in last month's challenge, joins the company as an intern 🤝


The deadline is met, and the beta is officially released on November 22. There is still a lot of work to do, but this is a key moment for the project.

At the end of November, you are already more than 300 to have joined the adventure 🤘


Last straight line of the year. We sent you a questionnaire to find out your opinion on the software, and we contacted editorial professionals.

Finally, we end on a positive note with advanced proofreading - one of Talers' flagship features - available for free for the duration of the beta.

What's next for 2023?

A big thank you to all our users and those who supported us in 2022 and continue in 2023.

We've got a lot of good things in store for you in the new year... including the thesaurus and the arrival of AI 🤫

See you soon on Talers!

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