emoji egg  Alpha version
September 2022November 2022
The very beginning of Talers. The application is not public yet and everything is to build!
Document synchronisation
Being collaborative at the heart, real-time synchronisation had to be thought from the very start.
Local data
Your texts are stored locally, on your computer, and synchronised with Talers' servers when you're online.
We use a password-less authentication. No hacker can steal a password that does not exist.
Folder organisation
Create as many layers of folders as needed.
Characters count
The numbers of character additions and deletions is stored to provide detailed statistics in the future.
Drag and drop
Easily drag and drop documents to organize your project.
Todo list
Add and check tasks associated to a text or a folder.
Documents status
Update the status of your documents to quickly find out what's been done or remains to be done.
emoji hatching  Beta version
November 2022May 2023
The beta became available on November 22, 2022. The software is minimal but viable, many features are to come. Talers is completely free for the duration of the beta.
Focus mode
A distraction-free mode designed for the most productive writing experience.
Advanced correction
Integration with our own servers to correct spelling, grammar and style errors.
Rephrase sentences
Use AI to rephrase sentences in your paragraphs.
Responsive design
Make the application compatible with small screens.
Translate documents
Translate documents from one language to another.
Retrieve the synonyms and antonyms of a word by double-clicking on it.
Custom styles
Create your own styles (font, font size, alignment) and apply them to your texts.
Export your project as HTML or PDF.
Advanced statistics and graphics.
emoji chick  Official release and future versions
May 2023
All the features that make the software unique are available. We will continue to work on providing the best possible writing experience, gamify the software, and create desktop and phone apps.
Offline support
Make the application resilient to connection loss.
Installable app
Make the application installable for smartphones and desktops from a compatible browser (Safari, Chrome and Edge).
Setup objectives and follow your progression day-by-day.
Export to DOCX
Export your project as DOCX.
Real-time collaboration
Share a project or a document to collaborate with others.
Export to EPUB
Export your project as EPUB.
AI Assistant
Use AI to help you write, rewrite or find inspiration.
Image generation
Generate cover, character or place images directly from Talers.
Write well-formatted scientific formulas.
Split view
Open different documents on the same screen.
Create cards to describe a character, a place or a notion. Ideal for easy yet powerful world-building.
Use various form components in your documents.
Store documents as templates and reuse them or share them with the community.
The End?