Our values
Tell me why you fight and I'll tell you who you are.

Value #1 — Quality

Talers is dedicated to helping creators realize their writing projects - and to do it well.

We offer a modern, intuitive and collaborative word processor, accessible to both young creators and experienced authors.

There is a right balance to be obtained between a software saturated with functions, the vast majority of which are little or not used, and a software too minimalist.

The apparent simplicity of Talers is the result of much thought and discussion. The product is fast, clean, and easy to use.

In order to best support writers in their work, Talers assists you in three key points:

  • a neat writing,

  • an elegant rendering,

  • a simplified collaboration.

Neat writing

Writing is an art, and an artist does not work with a damaged brush. Talers goes over your work behind your work and checks for errors. Errors are explained and alternatives are suggested. It only takes a few clicks to go back over a document and make it ready to be published.

A lack of inspiration? The human brain sometimes runs on a loop. That's why thesauruses are a writer's number one ally. The Talers dictionary is based on public Wikimedia data and is directly accessible in the application.

This means that you only have to select a word to see its definition and its synonyms. You can then browse through the words, learning new ones along the way, until you find the one you were missing.

Enrich your knowledge and improve your writing!

Elegant rendering

For some word processors, successfully formatting your documents is an Olympian feat.

With Talers, it's not so much a feat to miss formatting as it is a feat. The default formatting options (height between lines, distance between paragraphs) follow modern design standards for an airy and readable document.

For designers who want to customize the look of their documents, it is possible to define your own paragraph styles and then reuse them. This ensures visual consistency throughout the text.

Simplified collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Talers.

We want editors and proofreaders to be able to work hand in hand with creators. Adding comments in real time, suggesting rephrasing, additions, deletions... none of this should require sending an email or uploading to a cloud.

Value #2 — Security

Did you notice that Talers doesn't ask you for a cookie?

This is because Talers does not store any personal data to better target you or resell it to advertising organizations.

For more details, you can consult our privacy policy.

Your texts are also safe on Talers. Here is what happens when you edit a document:

  • your changes are instantly saved locally on your computer (although this is not accessible in a file, unless you create an export)

  • if you have shared your document, any other connected user receives in real time the changes you made

  • when you exit your document, the last changes are sent to the nearest Talers server which saves them in the database

  • your text is then stored in a second backup database.

This allows you to stay in sync and work 100% offline at the same time. It also ensures a great security to your work.

Afraid to lose your texts?

Let's imagine for a moment the scenario that would cause the loss of your texts.

It would take:

  • that you lose or break simultaneously all the devices with which you use Talers (computer, tablet, phone),

  • that at the same time, the main Talers server crashes,

  • and that, still in the same time frame, the Talers backup server decides to stop working.

In other words, you can rest easy.

Value #3 — Accessibility

We want Talers to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their country, language and means. Being able to express oneself artistically should not depend on the place and the family where one is born.

This is why Talers is moving towards a freemium model. Seasoned users of the software will certainly want to take advantage of the premium features, but anyone can install and start using Talers for free.

Finally, we plan to translate Talers into many languages as it develops.

Come and try, it's free!